Intel Atom C3000 Edge Servers

Intel Atom C3000 SoC Based Server Platforms

Our reference platforms offer a variety of integrated components and configurations providing the flexibility required to support applications in a variety of markets including communications, security and IoT. You now have early access to production grade and ready to deploy platforms to begin testing software performance.

Leveraging Next-Gen Technology to Build Edge Communications, Security and IoT Solutions

Read our guide to transitioning application platforms to Intel Atom C3000 SoC based edge servers.
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Two OEM Application Deployment Models to Choose From

1. Appliance Model
Deliver your solution as a purpose-built appliance on-premise or in a private or public cloud.

2. ISV Model
Deliver as an ISV model that offers certified and tested hardware directly to your end customer without ever being on your books.
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Building Edge Servers with Low Power Intel Atom C3000 Based Servers

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