6 Ways to Make Your Solution Design Journey Easy

Mar 03, 2022

Simplifying Solution Design

When it comes to solution design, it's important to remember the value of the hardware. That's where UNICOM Engineering can make a difference with its wide range of expertise, cutting-edge server technology, and critical partnerships.

The following are six key ways UNICOM Engineering can make your solution design journey as easy as possible:

1. Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Powering tomorrow's solutions involves leveraging best-in-class technologies to optimize performance and reliability. To aid in delivering high-performing, robust, and reliable platforms, UNICOM Engineering partners with industry leaders.

For example, the team is proud to be a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM Partner and has been named a Dell Technologies Americas OEM Partner of the Year for three years in a row. Therefore, the servers built include only the highest quality components.

And as an Intel Technology Provider, the hardware solution design is based on the latest chip technology with an eye toward future generations. The partnership also enables UNICOM Engineering to leverage accelerators, hardware-based security, and persistent memory advances.

2. The Latest Hardware

Whether for AI, HPC, Machine Learning, or Edge computing, today's solutions require platforms that are up to the task. UNICOM Engineering offers a wide selection of turnkey servers and appliances to suit the specific requirements and workloads of the latest applications.

Solution providers rely on UNICOM Engineering to deliver 32- and 64- bit servers running Windows OS or Linux, leveraging multi-core and multi-processing technologies. Providers can take advantage of the latest Edge architectures, allowing them to extend their solutions beyond the cloud and leverage IoT and AI like never before. At the same time, they benefit from the latest advances in hardened, environmentally resistant servers that never compromise on security.

3. Platform Customization

UNICOM Engineering believes that solution design should precisely match the requirements and goals of the final solution. The team has honed the craft of designing platforms to meet or exceed the needs of applications and their providers.

As a result, we can include customized motherboards, I/O ports, cooling systems, expansion features, power consumption, and virtualization. Furthermore, the customized platforms provide power-efficient, high-density configurations that deliver maximum performance with a minimal total cost of ownership.

4. Shortened Time to Market

Most solution providers agree the best-designed solutions are effortlessly deployable. Flawless execution can allow providers to gain a leg up on their competition when done right.

To start, UNICOM Engineering provides a team of experts to fill skill gaps so solution providers can go to market with the best team possible.

Our team creates a proof of concept during the initial design phase that is then tested against the solution provider's performance standards. Next, the solution is integrated into our lifecycle management system, which is easily monitored. Finally, the integration and manufacturing process manages the build through key quality checkpoints until deployment-ready.

As a result, providers can reap the rewards of being first to market with the latest solutions supported by our extensive network.

5. Mitigated Deployment Risk

A key component of protecting your brand and profits is mitigating deployment risk. UNICOM Engineering offers the intelligent forecasting, inventory management, product lifecycle management, regulatory expertise, and quality hardware components required to minimize it. And in some scenarios, providers can take advantage of a proof of concept program to test equipment to ensure their solution will meet customer demands.

And when it comes time to general availability, we employ a skilled logistics and compliance management team to support worldwide deployment and growth. Therefore, solution providers can rest assured that their hardware will be in place in the correct locations at the right time without impediment from compliance regulations and paperwork.

6. Global Support

UNICOM Engineering's global support program further mitigates risk and ensures that your solution maximizes uptime. This team also provides reverse logistics to facilitate proof of concept and refurbishment programs in addition to technical support.

And with the UNICOM Engineering Portal, you have on-demand tool access to review manufacturing build statuses, inventory levels, orders, technical support tickets, and more.

Begin Your Solution Design Journey With UNICOM Engineering

UNICOM Engineering is proud to be a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM Partner and Intel Technology Provider. We've also enjoyed being named Dell Technologies Americas OEM Partner of the Year for three consecutive years. Our team is ready to power your solutions with Dell Technologies and Intel's industry-leading portfolios to deliver unique solutions with incredible speed and reliability. Our customers benefit from solutions optimized for telecom, cloud, enterprise, network, security, IoT, and HPC workloads with expanded I/O, storage, and network connectivity options by leveraging our comprehensive services.

To learn more about how we can help you drive your solution to market faster, watch our Flawless Execution Video or visit our website to schedule a consultation today.

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