Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node Delivers the Ultimate in Up-time

Mar 19, 2021

Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node

Is it fair to say that an application is only as powerful as its data? Unlocking the value hidden in your data creates a powerful competitive advantage. Modern solutions deliver value by storing, processing, and transmitting this data. So it goes without saying, protecting that data and ensuring its availability is critical.

Fortunately, data storage leaders like Dell Technologies understand this and have developed sophisticated storage appliances like the Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node. Built on Dell Technologies' intelligent and highly-scalable PowerStore architecture, the Metro Node promises to make your data always available without sacrificing performance.

How is this possible? Below are four reasons the Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node offers you the ultimate up-time solution.

1. Instant No-Loss, Data Availability

Let's say a winter storm, like that which hit Texas earlier this year, causes your core, cloud, or edge data center to lose power. Wouldn't you expect your users to experience downtime and at least some data loss?

Because Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node appliance offers both a recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) of zero, your customers wouldn't even notice the outage. That's because the system would immediately recover their application and its data with zero loss. The end-user, working from the comfort of home, could continue their workday uninterrupted.

Dell's secret to supporting continuous application availability lies in how its appliances store data. The Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node provides true synchronous storage, which means the server stores data in two locations simultaneously. While past solutions claimed this capability, a deeper look revealed that one storage medium always lagged behind the other, causing slower recovery and some degree of data loss. This design is known as asynchronous storage.

2. Customized Data Recovery

When data is stored in two places at once, applications can recover instantly. Still, bringing any system back online after an outage isn't as simple as flipping a switch. As you may know, applications that work together often need to be launched together. The Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node allows you to backup and restore based on consistency groups which are sets of applications that must boot together.

Drilling down, PowerStore also enables you to customize backups down to a granular level. You can manage storage for specific workloads to the LUN level, and therefore, like in consistency groups, you can bring applications back online quickly.

3. Empowered Ongoing Development

The system remains developer-friendly in addition to the Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node's powerful backup and restore capabilities. The system integrates with several DevOps platforms, including VMware, Kubernetes, and Ansible. And you can also use Cloud IQ predictive analytics.

Also, built into the system are AI and machine learning capabilities that analyze application demands and balance resource levels. In other words, optimizing system performance isn't a burden put on you or your staff. The system can do the work itself.

Not only can you optimize how your applications run, but you can also customize where they run. The Dell EMC PowerStore Metro Node allows for apps to run directly on its appliance, saving on resources, and it will enable you to customize the running of apps at the core, the edge, or the cloud.

4. Improved Performance in a Smaller Space

In terms of rack space, the entire system occupies just 2U. The Dell EMC PowerStore system requires limited physical space, but also it guarantees a 4:1 reduction in data storage and an up to 7x improvement in performance compared to the competition. Why waste valuable processing time and storage space to store data in more than two locations?

Just as important, managing your storage environment doesn't require downtime or degradation in performance. With Dell EMC PowerStore, you can strategically move workloads during upgrades or software installs to prevent performance lapses.

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