Dell EMC PowerStore Offers Innovation in Storage Infrastructure

Jul 23, 2020

Dell PowerStore Offers Innovation in Storage Infrastructure

In our data-centric world, business leaders are increasingly reliant on insights gleaned from data processing to guide their strategic decision-making and stay ahead of the competition. The challenge many modern businesses face is that data is now created, processed, and stored in a variety of locations, which inevitably results in an enormous “data sprawl” that is difficult to manage. At the same time, new types of workloads continue to emerge that must be delivered with simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Fortunately, the new Dell EMC PowerStore infrastructure platform is purpose-built to address these challenges and provide the intelligence and adaptability required to help modern businesses thrive.

A Single Architecture for Any Workload

For businesses to fully unlock the power of their data, they must have the ability to process and manage it regardless of its structure or location. Few organizations can support both traditional and modern workloads without adding new IT management silos and increasingly complex infrastructure. With Dell EMC PowerStore, this problem is directly addressed as the platform can support any workload with its scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file, and VMware vols.

From the most traditional databases to the latest cloud-native applications and everything in between, all can be managed and supported by the single 2U PowerStore appliance. It can grow to over 2.8 PB effective capacity and be clustered with other appliances for greater application performance. PowerStore further leverages power with NVMe, dual-port Intel Optane SSDs, as well as up to 32Gb FC or 25Gb Ethernet support. Its flexibility helps to simplify and consolidate IT infrastructure while enabling quicker access to data and more nimble decision-making, all of which can have a major impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Intelligent Automation and Analytics

In addition to the rampant complexity within modern business organizations, ramping up new services and delivering new applications often proves to be a time and resource-intensive process. PowerStore can drastically reduce staff time and energy involved in application development and deployment, thanks to a programmable infrastructure that integrates with a wide range of leading management and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes, Ansible, and VMware vRealize Orchestrator to name a few.

PowerStore also leverages machine learning to automate common labor-intensive processes such as load balancing, initial volume placement, and migrations. To optimize staff labor even further, PowerStore includes Dell EMC’s CloudIQ storage monitoring and analytics software. This cloud-based app combines machine learning, advanced analytics, and human intelligence to identify issues before they occur, helping IT and business leaders reduce risk to the organization and plan for future storage needs. These powerful intelligence features allow staff to spend less time in the weeds with technical issues and more time focusing on achieving their business goals.

Game-Changing Adaptability

The business landscape is continually evolving, and many organizations struggle to adapt without substantial investment in new technologies or infrastructure. With PowerStore’s unique container-based software architecture known as PowerStore OS, however; these organizations can leave such struggles behind. PowerStore OS isolates individual OS components as microservices, improving overall performance, fault tolerance, and security. This framework also enables the accelerated delivery of new services over time.

PowerStore also features a one-of-a-kind capability known as AppsON, a feature allowing applications to be directly deployed on the appliance, using the same VMware tools as external hosts. Ideal for data-intensive workloads in core or edge locations as well as infrastructure applications, AppsON is a real game-changer that significantly differentiates PowerStore from any other storage array on the market, allowing unprecedented flexibility for modernization without costly disruption.

The Future of Storage with Dell Technologies and UNICOM Engineering

As businesses continue processing and storing data in an increasingly diverse variety of locations, Dell EMC PowerStore can help them evolve operations to unleash the power of this data faster and more effectively than ever before. As a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM partner, UNICOM Engineering has the knowledge and technical expertise to help you discover how the power of storage can add value to your application. To see how UNICOM Engineering can help you Build Bold on Dell Technologies, watch our Build on Dell video, visit our website, or contact us today at 800-977-1010.


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