Innovation, Growth, Awards, and Updates—A Recap of the Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Partner Summit and Awards

Oct 22, 2021

Dell POY 2021

Yesterday, we participated in the Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Partner Summit and Awards event. UNICOM Engineering was honored with the Partner of the Year award for the third consecutive year. Our entire team is beyond thrilled by the news and excited to continually push the limits on what is possible for our mutual customers. More on that later, as we want to focus for a minute on the event's highlights.

The Road to Rapid Growth

Kyle Dufresne, SVP Global OEM Solutions at Dell Technologies, set the stage and the theme for the event. Reinforced by Keynote Speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Josh Linkner, added style and energy as he used his recent book entitled Big Little Breakthroughs to support the road to growth. Kyle spoke to the 40 plus verticals that Dell Technologies supports as well as solutions at the edge. By focusing on these two areas and leveraging their partners, Dell Technologies will achieve its goal of growing OEM Solutions to $10B. Their ability to scale is dependent on leveraging the capabilities of their partner community, and UNICOM Engineering is more than willing to play our part.

Kyle introduced each of his regional OEM solution leaders to provide updates on their respective regions. They each spoke of specific industry growth in defense, healthcare, industrial automation, and others. Additionally, concepts like increasing efficiency, driving unique value, collaboration, and leveraging partner expertise to deliver for our customers. These discussions and support from organizations like Dell Technologies fuel the fire within us to continually do better and be better for everyone we do business with.

Big Little Breakthroughs

Author and entrepreneur, Josh Linkner, provided insight from countless interviews and research around daily micro innovations that fuel rapid growth. In his book, Big Little Breakthroughs, Linkner works through the necessary mindsets, habits, and tactics of people who have created innovations that led to rapid growth. He shared three key ideas to propel success with inspiring examples for each.

Number one, start before you're ready. At its core, this simply means don't wait for permission, create and adjust, and adapt as you go. Number two, hunt and kill established assumptions. If we do not free our minds, we may never break free from traditional thinking that keeps the status quo. He even suggests borrowing ideas from other industries, nature, or wherever you can find them. And finally, number three, reach for weird. It sounds strange but is genuinely profound. The unexpected always catches our attention, changes people's perspectives, and can be the key to rapid growth. Personally, I can't wait to dig into this book to set my mind on the right path for personal and professional development.

Call it a Three-peat, Hat Trick, or Just Partner of the Year

What a thrill to win this award for three consecutive years! We appreciate the collaboration, trust, and acknowledgment. Upon delivering the announcement, Keith Perry, Vice President & General Manager, OEM Solutions - North America at Dell Technologies, shared the following thoughts and comments regarding UNICOM Engineering. He described us as unique and imaginative in support of business, with collaboration at the core. Furthermore, Keith stated that our team never backs away from the opportunity to craft creative solutions and build prototypes supporting our customers' needs. In addition, we showed strong year-over-year growth and a dedication to storage. Thank you again, Dell Technologies OEM Solutions team, for your faith in our abilities and willingness to work in partnership.

Servers, Storage, and the Edge

Breakout sessions were available for updates and announcements on what's available and what comes next. Dell Technologies continues to deliver innovations in servers and storage with new products to become available soon. The storage team has had a very active first nine months of 2021 with consistent new offerings, including PowerStore 500T, PowerProtect backup services, PowerScale F900, VXRail 15G, Unity XT OE5.1, and PowerScale H700/H7000 and A300/A3000 OEM ready platforms. It doesn't end there, so stay tuned for additional updates.

The Edge Strategy session helped to provide clarity and direction to simplify challenges for our customers. As we all know, the edge is defined as where data is acted on near its point of creation to generate immediate, essential value. Examples were provided across industries to help us understand how collecting, processing, and analyzing the data provides value to each with unlimited opportunities. However, part of our job is to create solutions that overcome a few edge challenges like remote or space-constrained environments, limited net value, and expanded security risks. The silver lining is a broad portfolio and decades of experience to address these issues and simplify the edge. New products are being developed to provide flexibility and performance while customizing to fit needs and maximize investments.

What's Next?

Our ability to share this success starts with you, our clients. Your trust and confidence in us to handle your business are crucial to our success. Each of these events and trainings provides us the opportunity to learn more and be better. So we say thank you, and we look forward to collaborating and pushing ourselves to always rise to the occasion to deliver for the most important people in our business, you.

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