It's Time to Take Your Applications Further with UNICOM Engineering's E-1800 R6 Enterprise Servers

Jul 29, 2021

UNICOM Engineering E-1800 R6 Servers

Intel has enabled a new age of computing with the release of their 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. As an Intel Technology Partner, UNICOM Engineering helps bring the latest technology to market in our latest appliance platforms. An excellent example is UNICOM Engineering's E-1800 R6 enterprise servers. These servers provide not just one or two improvements but a collection of next-generation upgrades designed to provide noticeable performance and business value for your customers.

The E-1800 R6 Family of Servers

Faster Processing - As you can guess, improving your application's performance starts at the server core. At the heart of these new machines is the dual-socket Intel 3rd Generation Xeon Processors. With this generation, you can expect an average 1.46x performance improvement.

Greater Memory Capacity - It's no secret, the memory demands of enterprise applications never decrease. To better handle today's workloads and prepare for tomorrow's, the E-1800 R6 supports up to 32 DDR4-3200 MT/s ECC DIMMs.

Extensive Drive Storage - With more and more data comes the need to store and retrieve it. The family of servers is available in two 1U configurations: the E-1800 R6 (4x3.5" +4x2.5") that supports 4 x 3.5" hot-swap HDDs with 4 x 2.5" 7mm hot-swap SSDs (for hybrid platforms) and the E-1800 R6 (12x2.5") that offers 12 SAS/SATA/NVMe hot-swap SSDs. The E-1800 R6 generation handles a wide range of high-density storage deployments between the two servers.

Faster and Wider Throughput - Thanks to the interoperability of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable family, not only are the processors faster, they can accept more data, with 6 UltraPath Interconnect (UPI) memory channels. And, with PCIe Gen 4 architecture, all connected components can transfer data twice as fast, from 32 gigabits per second (GBS) to 64 GBS. The E-1800 R6 throughput improvements not only apply to the processor's IO but also to the entire motherboard.

Better Memory Recoverability - For your customers, the more critical your application becomes, the less tolerance they have for downtime. The E-1800 R6 generation supports up to 16,512 GB of the Intel Optane Persistent Memory modules. Your application's data can be available at RAM speeds even in the event of an outage. This improvement enables what was once downtime that lasted minutes to mere seconds.

The E-1800 R6: Game-Changing Benefits

Power and Reliability- With the capability of handling up to two hot-swap, 1300W Titanium, or 1600W Titanium power supplies, the E-1800 R6 stands ready to preserve uptime in the face of failure.

Improved Power to Space Ratio- Available in two 1U configurations, the E-1800 R6 generations allow you to offer your solution in a high-density, compact appliance that can fit a wide range of data center configurations.

Improved Performance to Price Ratio As the technology improves, UNICOM Engineering is leveraging all of the above improvements to bring you better performance, in a familiar architecture, at the same level of investment you're currently making.

Quicker Deployment / Shortened Time to Revenue - Without question, the quicker you can deploy your application, the quicker it can generate revenue. The E-1800 R6 series leverages UNICOM Engineering's tested consistent E-series architecture while delivering improvements in nearly every performance aspect.

The Power of Partnerships - Not every integrator can consistently bring you best-in-class hardware. UNICOM Engineering leverages its relationships with Intel, Dell Technologies, and other providers, so you don't need to compromise on reliability and performance.

Worldwide Scope - There's nothing worse than hardware that hasn't passed regulatory to gain access to a global market. Combining its worldwide presence and consistent designs, UNICOM Engineering has won regulatory approval for the E-1800 R6 from several organizations like the National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), European Certification Body (ECB), and others.

Performance, Reliability, and Flexibility – The Ideal Platform For Your Solution

Just as your customers demand more of your solution, so should you demand more of the hardware that runs it. That means not only better-performing enterprise servers but also smooth deployments. UNICOM Engineering is here to help you and your team focus on what you do best - creating tomorrow's applications.

As both an Intel Technology Provider and a Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Titanium Partner, UNICOM Engineering has been driving seamless transitions with our partners for decades. Our wide-ranging expertise allows our customers to implement their solutions quickly and efficiently without needing to navigate the risks associated with bringing new products to market. Learn more about how UNICOM Engineering can help you transition to next-generation technologies like AI. Contact us for more information by visiting our website and scheduling a consultation.

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