Logistics and Trade Compliance to Serve a Global Customer Base

Aug 05, 2020

UEI Shipping and Logistics OEM Provider

We live in a globally interconnected world where consumers and businesses have come to expect fast delivery of the products they need, regardless of how many borders must be crossed before arrival. The reality is that international shipping is not a simple task. It demands expertise in not only logistics and distribution but global trade policy and regulatory requirements as well. We understand that as a technology innovator, you spend your time solving your customers’ problems, not tracking the latest compliance updates from countries throughout the world. For this reason, you need a partner with a dedicated global logistics and trade compliance team to ensure your products are reliably delivered to your customers on time, no matter where they are located.

At UNICOM Engineering, we provide various Logistics and Trade Compliance services to streamline the stocking and delivery of products sold worldwide, shortening time to revenue. Read more as we explain the many benefits our global logistics and trade compliance team has to offer.

Keep Control of Your Business Without the Headaches

The global logistics services from UNICOM Engineering can relieve you of all the frequent headaches associated with stocking and shipping your products. In fact, as a UNICOM Engineering customer, you never need to take inventory of your products or make shipments as we typically drop-ship to your customers for you. Our on-demand portal provides access not only to shipments but open orders, inventory, RMAs, and much more. This level of visibility into daily operations is always available so you can keep up-to-date and make decisions based on real-time data.

For customers with a volume production schedule, UNICOM Engineering offers management and distribution services that eliminate the need to stock and handle finished goods. We can pre-build stock and store products in secure, insured environments awaiting customer orders.

Keeping Shipping Costs Down and Revenue Up

UNICOM Engineering can stock and ship products to any destination around the world with standard as well as overnight carriers. Some of our customers specify a preferred carrier, while others trust our expertise to determine the most cost-effective method of shipping for their solutions.

We ship not only to end-users but to channel partners and stocking depots as well. This can reduce logistics costs and help ensure on-time delivery, depending on the location of your customers. Even at the very end of the quarter, when sales quotas need to be met no matter what, we support last-minute shipping to ensure you do not miss out on a single dollar of well-earned revenue.

A Team of Compliance Experts on Your Side

Your products will reach your global customer base without delay due to our expertise in trade compliance and documentation management to meet the requirements of the various countries and trade organizations around the world. The Trade Compliance Services team at UNICOM Engineering provides a comprehensive suite of services, all dedicated to enabling your ability to scale your business globally. This includes navigating international trade and customs offices, including the US Departments of Commerce and State, the Office of Foreign Asset Control, and others that dictate global trade standards.

We handle all the paperwork and record-keeping, along with the shipping and distribution for you. With our experienced team of global trade and compliance experts on your side, you can ensure that the costly fines, penalties, audits, and delays that are all too common with international trade can be avoided. Giving your customers this confidence in your ability to reliably deliver on time whenever they need you is an invaluable asset for the long term success of your business.

Global Expansion Within Reach with UNICOM Engineering Logistic and Trade Compliance

Gaining control over the increasing and changing nature of data is at the heart of many businesses’ competitive strategy today. Likewise, consumers are demanding the use of applications that are more data-centric than ever before. Intel’s QLC 3D NAND and Optane SSD technologies directly address these demands with exceptional performance, capacity, and value.

Your innovative technology can solve significant problems for customers all over the world. Without the expertise required, you risk losing out on a substantial portion of the market share that you deserve. The good news is that you do not have to face the complex world of international trade alone. Acting as an extension of your business, UNICOM Engineering’s Logistics and Trade Compliance team provides guidance on inventory management, shipping and logistics, and global trade compliance needed to navigate this potentially complex arena. View our UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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