The Enhanced UNICOM Engineering Customer Portal Provides Real-Time Visibility to Optimize Business Operations and Decrease Risk

Dec 17, 2020

UNICOM Customer Portal

Intelligent decision-making is essential to stay competitive in today's global technology market. But without access to complete information, your decision-making capabilities are at a severe disadvantage. Of course, access to information alone is not enough. You must collect information in an organized way to streamline processing and avoid overwhelm as new data comes in. Recognizing the importance of each of these points, UNICOM Engineering now offers a powerful web portal that gives each of our customers a detailed analytical view into various aspects of their daily operations, allowing them to make well-informed business decisions and keep their customers satisfied.

What Is the Enhanced Customer Portal?

UNICOM Engineering's enhanced customer portal is an updated multifaceted tool that provides online visibility and control of your business through a secure web interface. The portal serves as a primary access point to multitudes of pertinent business information that business managers and other decision-makers need. This includes the status of inventory, orders, shipments, and much more. It can also generate reports that allow you to dig deeper into your business's specific aspects to better understand trends over time or areas that may need further attention. Here is a quick walkthrough of its key features and benefits to get you even more familiar with the customer portal and its capabilities.

A Daily Snapshot of Your Business

When you first log in to the customer portal, you are greeted by the homepage. This page serves as a dashboard, providing you with a quick and immediate snapshot of your business with the prominent display of daily statistics and notifications. Daily statistics include the amount of inventory currently in the build phase, number of open orders, number of units shipped on the preceding day, and the current number of open RMAs. Notifications allow you to plan accordingly by providing such important information as any pre-scheduled UNICOM Engineering service outages coming up, end of quarter guidelines, or temporary location closures. Once you review these active notifications and statistics, you can dive deeper by accessing the range of drop-down menus, each providing access to a more granular look into inventory, orders, forecasts, and tech support.

Real-Time Tracking of Inventory and Manufacturing Cycles

More than just a summary of the product currently on hand, the inventory section provides you with a detailed and real-time perspective of your authorized items, work in progress (WIP), on-hand inventory, and customer-owned products or materials. It may also include inventory receipts and product in Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) as well. FSLs are a feature of UNICOM Engineering's Advance Replacement support services, which can significantly minimize downtime by making materials available in locations around the globe for immediate dispatch in the event of a specific component's failure at a customer site. Equipped with information, you can better serve your customers and respond to sales demand in a timelier manner.

Your Transaction History and New Orders

The orders section is where you can place orders and review details about your transactions. It is easily navigable and allows you to search for and organize specific information according to PO number, date range, order/invoice number, and more. You can also search for information by serial number and find any invoice or order number related to the specific serial number it was shipped against. Submitting sales orders into the system can be done programmatically in the orders section via various supported file formats, order structures, and transmission methods. With this central repository for all of your transactions, you can stay informed and be nimble in response to your customers' ever-evolving needs.

Accurate Forecasting to Manage Production Schedules and Inventories

The forecast section ensures the UNICOM Engineering Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams have the parts and products ready when they are needed. You can review and edit your forecast starting with the current month and up to fifteen months total. Accurate forecasting is vital as it provides the ability to adjust production schedules and manage worldwide inventories, both of which are essential for maintaining profitability. With reliable forecasting, supply, demand, and operating costs can stay appropriately aligned, and supply chain risks can be significantly mitigated.

Addressing Technical Issues and Keeping Customers Satisfied

Technical support issues are unavoidable when managing a global business. But these inevitable issues do not need to create greater complexity. With the tech support section of the customer portal, you have one place where you can open new support requests, review open/closed requests, create customer satisfaction requests (SATs), and review open/closed RMAs. As with the data provided in other sections of the portal, tech support information is intuitively organized. It can be viewed in various customizable ways, all of which aim to keep operations running smoothly and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction are maintained over time.

Dive Deeper into Your Business to Optimize Performance with the UNICOM Engineering Customer Portal

Managing a global business and keeping ahead of the competition is a demanding job. To be most effective, you need access to real-time data delivered in a customizable and easy-to-navigate way. With UNICOM Engineering's customer web portal, you get all this and more, in addition to the assurance of having our world-class support team to help you address any issue that may arise. To learn more about how we can help you optimize your business operations while reducing risk and increasing your customers' satisfaction, schedule a consultation today.

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