Seamlessly Evolve Your Business Model in Changing Times with UNICOM Engineering's Delivery and Installation Services

Dec 23, 2020

White-Glove Installation Services & Technical Support

Business models are continually evolving, and never has that been more apparent than within the past year. Remote work is increasingly normalized as the safety and necessity of business travel are being rethought, especially for international destinations. While these trends are unlikely to reverse anytime soon, that does not change the fact that your solutions continue to demand the same hands-on support they always have. You also want to provide the assurance that they will be delivered, installed, connected, and configured correctly for your customers. For all these reasons and more, comprehensive technical support for your solutions remains as critical as ever.

At UNICOM Engineering, we offer a flexible range of service programs to ensure our clients' solutions have the high availability, rapid response, effective troubleshooting, fast parts replacement, and 24-hour support necessary to be relied upon by businesses and consumers worldwide. Our customers have benefited immensely from taking advantage of our custom delivery and installation services within the last year.

With these unique service offerings, you no longer need to worry about your equipment arriving safely to new customer sites because we handle the entire delivery process for you, regardless of the final destination. From there, we can even coordinate local resources to configure the product and fully install it within a new or existing rack. For organizations adapting their business models to the changing times, looking to minimize employee travel, or entirely lacking the in-house personnel to manage deployments globally, UNICOM Engineering's approach offers extraordinary value as a seamless way to expand existing resources.

White-Glove Treatment: Avoiding Excess Cost and Liability with New Product Installations

As a technology solution provider, you understand that there can be a long road between completing the product manufacturing process and successful deployment in your customer's datacenter. Not only must your hardware be physically transported safely to where it needs to go, but it also requires coordination of various technical professionals upon arrival to ensure proper connectivity and functionality is achieved.

We recognize that your resources are often better spent on driving product innovation than logistical tasks such as these. Even if you do have a deployment team, circumstances may prevent them from traveling, or they might simply be overwhelmed with other projects. Hiring and training new deployment staff can add high costs and liabilities, which in turn reduces profitability. This is where UNICOM Engineering's Support Services team can help.

Rack & Stack Installation: Flexible and Custom Support from End to End

UNICOM Engineering can provide you with the physical resources to get your product directly from the manufacturing floor to its final destination. Our support staff is highly trained in hardware delivery and possesses the expertise required to deliver the most sensitive equipment to any desired location. Once your product has arrived at its destination safely, it can help facilitate the next steps of installation.

Due to our decades of experience serving clients worldwide and our deep network of global partners, we can coordinate your equipment's handoff directly to local expert resources ready to install and configure your solution. If further questions or issues arise, assistance from our support staff is just a click or phone call away.

Additionally, many customers benefit from UNICOM Engineering's onsite rack and stack service when there is unused rack space available in end-user data centers. With onsite rack and stack, our resources can assemble and install your hardware directly into an existing server rack, saving significant time and effort for you and your customers. The rack and stack service relieves your customers of the intricacies associated with the various piece parts, servers, cables, and more that can create difficulties and delays without professional installation. When all is said and done, this flexible array of delivery and installation services allows you to stay focused on product innovation. At the same time, your customers can remain focused on their business as their new solutions get up and running fast.

Provide the Highest Levels of Support to Your Customers with UNICOM Engineering

UNICOM Engineering offers an extensive range of global support programs to extend the product lifespan and maximize the uptime of our customers' innovative solutions. These programs were developed over decades of meeting customer requirements, and they cover everything from depot level repair to advance replacement of parts to complete system replacement. Because at the end of the day, each of our customers has their own business model and their own unique needs, if an existing program is not appropriate, we will design a program that fits your needs.

This is why we highly value flexibility and infuse it into every customer relationship. When you partner with UNICOM Engineering, you receive a customized support program from end to end. Whatever our customers need us to do for their solutions' success, we ensure it gets done. As business models continue to change in our fast-paced and highly unpredictable world, it is invaluable to have a partner experienced and flexible enough to adapt with you and provide the custom treatment you need to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Be sure to check out the UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more about our full suite of support programs and service offerings. If you are ready to start the conversation on how we can increase your solution's success, contact us today to schedule a consultation.