How Dell EMC® Storage Solutions Can Drive Digital Transformation and Revenue

Aug 02, 2019

UNICOM Engineering and Dell EMC Storage

Data is a hot commodity in our digital economy. It is the driving force behind digital transformation. Considering every interaction between a user and a digital platform generates data points that, by themselves, are meaningless, but when properly aggregated and parsed, have the power to drive organizational change.  The power of data is very clear.

Organizations that adapt to these changing requirements will start to increase their longevity and viability. Put simply, businesses must adapt robust data collection and synthesizing frameworks to stay competitive. 2018 showed an over-500% increase in the average amount of data collected over the years from 2016, and a majority of business leaders agree that companies that don't leverage this growing field risk failing by 2020.

We realize that data and therefore storage represents a tremendous opportunity for our OEM customers as well. As they follow the data downstream and truly understand how their customers are connecting to the data, how it is being stored, and ultimately how it is being used a new conversation emerges. Storage isn’t just enterprise hardware. It can be added to the overall solution creating a lucrative revenue stream and additional value to them and their customers.


Discover the Best Data Storage Solution for Your Application

Empower your solution to maximize its data capital with the latest and most competitive storage solutions available from Dell Technologies. Here's a look at those options and a highlight of exactly where each one thrives.

Dell EMC Unity XT

Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays offer the simplicity, speed, and optimized efficiency in a modern NVMe-ready design. This unit brings high performance and low latency to a broad range of SAN and NAS use cases. Dell EMC’s new Unity XT adds to the product line offering improved data reduction capabilities, a big performance boost, while being NVMe ready.

As with the previous design models, the latest versions are available as all-flash and hybrid configurations. The Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash models offers great efficiency and absolute simplicity in a small footprint.  The next generation promises a 2X increase in performance over its predecessor with its 880F all-flash model. The Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Flash is designed and optimized for virtualized workloads, delivering more performance at a fraction of the latency than previous generations.

Dell EMC Isilon

For data-heavy applications like large content repositories, streaming, and analytics, storage solutions need to be able to manage huge swaths of unstructured data. Utilizing these data troves in an efficient manner requires powerful yet resource effective solutions, and that's why the Dell EMC Isilon is built with the latest Intel Xeon processors.

Created with the most intensive workloads in mind, processes like autonomous driving, media streaming services and healthcare, the Dell EMC Isilon has the power to support super demanding workloads with scalability and security to meet the requirements of nearly any resource-intensive process.

Dell EMC Isilon offers NAS storage with high performance, flexibility, and simplicity and is powered by Intel Xeon processors. Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash storage platforms shine by accelerating demanding file workloads with extreme performance and efficiency. The Dell EMC Isilon Hybrid Scale-Out platforms support all major protocols and data access methods to provide a balance of performance, capacity, and value for a wide range of enterprise file workloads. Tackling the trials of long-term data retention, Dell EMC Isilon Archive Scale-Out NAS storage platforms protect your older data assets and provide better accessibility, while lowering the cost to store these valuable resources.

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4

The Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 series delivers storage essentials in a powerful yet simple platform, featuring everything necessary to drive application performance for a huge range of different use-cases.

The PowerVault ME4 platforms offer a lot of flexibility where it's necessary; it is designed to consolidate block storage, support the demands of data intensive applications, take advantage of intelligent data management, or optimize virtual environments. Whether that's sheer power in an easy-to-use platform with a small footprint, or the need for a very solid and reliable storage solution that is still cost-effective, Dell EMC has provided their signature robust performance in a system that's also highly aligned with Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Making the Most of Data, Storage, and Digital Transformation with UNICOM Engineering

Understanding the true value of data as it relates to your solution is key in today’s digital economy. As a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM Partner, UNICOM Engineering has the resources and knowledge to guide you through a storage analysis. Our engineers and experts have the expertise to follow the data to discover the true output from your OEM solution and how to monetize it. Get in touch with UNICOM Engineering today: visit our website or contact us by telephone at (800) 977-1010 for more information.

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