Maximizing Unstructured Data Value with Dell EMC Isilon OneFS

Jun 10, 2022

Dell EMC Isilon OneFS

As your solution grows, so does its data. The Dell EMC Isilon OneFS Operating System is at the heart of its scale-out network-attached storage offering. It provides excellent scalability while, at the same time, offering lower costs with improved efficiency, interoperability, and performance.

Simplified Management

The Dell Isilon OneFS operating system consists of a single volume, single file system. That makes it easy to install and manage no matter how many nodes you add to your storage cluster. As a result, you can put the time your staff would spend on storage management to better use.

Scalable to Your Solution's Needs

With a capacity of up to 252 nodes, you won't be forced to scale up your solution's current storage at a higher cost. In fact, within one file system, you can increase capacity to petabytes of storage. Therefore, your storage can grow symmetrically or independently of the rest of your environment.

And the scalability that OneFS provides won't come with undue effort. For example, adding nodes takes only minutes which is a fraction of the time required with older file systems. And thanks to roll-back features and non-disruptive upgrade capabilities, you'll enjoy continuous availability of your data while maintenance takes place.

Efficiency that Saves You and Your Clients

Unfortunately, in older file systems, increased performance requires the investment in more storage, when often, better use of current storage would provide the same result. OneFS addresses these challenges with features like:

AutoBalance - which offers 80% utilization, eliminating performance-killing areas of concentration

SmartDedupe - which can lower storage requirements by up to 35% by eliminating multiple sources for the same data

SmartPools - an application that provides policy-based, streamlined workflows that leverage flash and disk storage.

CloudPools - allows you to blend your current data cluster with public or private cloud offerings like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Isilon, and others.

Interoperability and Connectivity

Offering a data lake approach, OneFS allows you to transmit your data across various protocols while managing performance with powerful data tools like Hadoop analytics. In addition, this approach enables you to consolidate multiple data types and make storage silos a thing of the past.

Never-Before-Seen Performance

With 15.8 million file IOPS and 945 GB/s concurrent throughputs per cluster, the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS can handle sequential, concurrent, and random workflows. Therefore, you experience no sacrifice in performance as your storage capacity grows. And for the most demanding workloads, OneFS can use a scale-out flash tier.

Data Availability and Resilience

To maximize data availability and redundancy, Dell developed its FlexProtect technology to handle up to four simultaneous failures of nodes or individual drives. In addition, this feature also provides data protection at the file level so that you can assign different protection levels to varying types of data.

Dell's SnapshotIQ software can create images of your data in less than a second regarding data resilience. And this level of backup and recovery protection requires little performance overhead. Finally, in the event of an outage, OneFS offers instant, push-button failover, and failback capabilities.

Comprehensive Data Security

No scale-out NAS would be complete without data security. After all, thanks to today's threats, governance and compliance requirements are stricter than ever.

Dell's SmartLock software guards against deleting your critical files, whether they be accidental, malicious, or otherwise.

To promote adherence with protocols like SMB and NFS, OneFS provides built-in file system audit capability. And to help with oversight, roles-based administration control (RBAC) allows you to separate file system access from storage administration.

Also, within OneFS, you can create unique data pools for specific departments within a company. This feature allows you to create multiple customized access zones for users without working with duplicate data.

Finally, with Data-at-Rest Encryptions (DARE), data stays encrypted on drives to protect against drive loss or theft, and cryptographic erasure can wipe them clean in seconds. These security measures can aid in compliance with security requirements like the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

The Dell EMC Isilon OneFS Structure

The OneFS operating system consists of three storage architectures: file system, data manager, and data protection. It can operate all nodes within a cluster to manage and secure data in the data center, cloud, or edge. By consolidating many data storage and management functions, OneFS can enable the enterprise to leverage its data like never before.

How to Leverage Dell EMC Isilon OneFS for Your Solution

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